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63. Current end of life systems for flexible packaging with Colin Isaacs - Owner & Senior Sustainable Development Analyst at CIAL Group

February 17, 2022

I've had some incredibly important and valuable conversations on this podcast - yet this conversation may be the one that impacts you and your business the most.

When considering flexible packaging options, the vast majority of my podcast guests and clients at FoodPak value a sustainable solution for their brand and consumers.

Despite the material structure of the package, often times it's the end of life infrastructure available in the local municipalities that dictate what sustainable means, and the available options that you have for your product and business.

This episode lays it all out on the table - especially if you are frustrated with the lack of information and greenwash surrounding the recyclability or compostability of flexible packaging out in the world.

After listening to this discussion you will have a clear understanding of the current and future end of life systems for flexible plastic packaging in North America, and what that means for your business.


Colin was the director of the Recycling Council of Ontario and executive director for the Pollution Probe Foundation from 1982 - 1989. 

In 1989 Colin established CIAL Group - An independent environmental policy and program consulting firm with significant experience in the design and implementation of pollution prevention, lifecycle management, and Sustainable Development projects within the private sector. Clients include major corporations in the food, consumer products, energy and transportation sectors as well as trade associations and government departments.

Colin was the environmental columnist for the Financial Post from 1990 to 1994. He publishes and edits the Gallon Environment Letter, an electronic newsletter addressing environmental issues.



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